Our story

How our journey around the world ended on HTML Planet for Kids.

The founding team

HTML Planet for Kids was created by a father & son team, Matjaz (that’s me) and Benjamin. I’m the founder of Pinegrow, a suite of applications for creating professional web projects. Ben is a 10 year old boy full of creativity and ingenuity.

Journey around the world... in 2020

It all started with our family embarking on an epic journey around the world. Thanks to the Covid pandemic we immediately got stuck at our first destination. With time saved on not traveling around, Ben and I finished our Maths lessons early and had some extra time to do a project together.

A quick, one month project...

We decided to take a month off and create a HTML & CSS course for children. At that time Ben didn’t know much about coding, so we saw the project as a good opportunity for him to gain more practical experience about web development as well as about starting and running a business.

That was more than a year ago :)

...that took more than a year

The quick one month project turned into a year of daily work on creating the course structure, designing and recording the adventures, improving the website editor, testing…

Working together was fun and rewarding for both of us, yet it also required a huge amount of persistence to never give up and keep moving forward one small step at a time.

Along the way, Ben picked up web development skills and used HTML Planet to create many experiments, small websites and school projects. 

The whole family joins in

Meanwhile, my wife Ivona and Tim, Ben’s 5 year old brother, joined the creative process. Ivona tested every nook and cranny of HTML Planet with a set of fresh eyes.

Tim picked up HTML & CSS skills by observing Ben and started to create mini projects by himself.

HTML Planet became a family project and guessing its slippery just-around-the-corner launch date was a recurring joke.

It's launch time!

At the final stage the whole Pinegrow team got involved in testing and preparing the launch.

And now we are at the finish line, ready to release our creation - a full-blown educational platform - to the world.

This finish line is also the start of the real journey - seeing how HTML Planet will perform as a business, getting to see what children from across the world learn and create with it. We expect there will also be some hiccups on the way. We will use them to learn and improve quickly.

Wanna join us on a space ride?

The space ship is built and ready to launch! You are warmly invited to join us on the HTML Planet adventure.

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